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Kung Fu Movie

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The Secret Letter

The bad guys try to send it, the good knights try to intercept it. Everybody goes after a mysterious box containing lots of treasure as well as a secret letter, which once delivered could plunge the whole nation into disaster.


Kill the Tiger and Slay the Dragon

A son on the orders of his vicious foster father kills his biological father whom he's never met before. Later on he discovers his true identity and goes on to take his ultimate revenge.


With their magic martial arts, the Chinese martial artists foil the Japanese ronins


Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm

In the pursuit of the Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm, a unique skill of the martial arts, happens a series of tragedies and moving stories.

The Revengeful Flying Knife

A legendary story about a chivalrous woman knight who avenges his brother's death.

The Drunkard Zhangsan

Faced with the oppression of corrupt officials and the invasion of foreign troops, an alcoholic great martial arts master wakes up to fight his battle.

The Last Emperor of the Ming Dynasty

The story portrays the ordeals gone through by the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, a man of weak character and few words, as he is pursued by the Qing army and various kung fu groups.

A Gang of Patriots

A gang of former rebellious bandits join the government army in the common cause of fighting the foreign invaders.

The Last Highwayman

The chief of a once strong gang of highwaymen has a lost son who is now a police chief and makes it his vocation to wipe out the existence of highwaymen.

Sword and Saber Smiling

Heng Dao (Horizontal Broadsword), Ming Jian(Famous Sword) and Xiao Sanshao(Laugh to be three years younger) are three top martial artists at the same time. As a government official, Heng Dao refuses to fight for the title of No One martial artis..

China's No. 1 Swordsman

Set against the backdrop of the Wuxu Reform Movement in the late Qing Dynasty, this tragic story of betrayal and revenge tells of three good friends who later on diverge in their political careers.

Suspected Shadows at the River Gorge

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the revolutionary uprisings led by the United League of China (1905-1912, the predecessor of the Kuomingtang) take place one after another in the southern provinces. A lot of martial artists take an active role in......

Armed Escorting King

At the beginning of the Republic of China, Tom, an English businessman, smuggles opium into China in collusion with the priest in Jiangzhou. Some noble-minded Chinese martial artists sneak into the church to look for the opium with fierce fights......

The Knight Black Butterfly

A mysterious woman knight helps the poor by robbing from the rich and punishing local bullies.

The Knight White Orchid

An anonymous woman knight works miracles to help the people and punish corrupt officials.

The Accidental Spy

Though the similarities to "Who Am I?" are sometimes a bit much, the larger-than-life action scenes make for an incredibly fun experience ......

The Backsheep Affair

A Chinese policeman gets reassigned to a Chinese Embassy in Europe as punishment for disobeying orders. Once stationed there, he angers some local terrorists and trouble ensues...

Body Weapon 

The devastating physical attributes of sexy newcomer Angie Cheung are a primary selling point of this film, as she uses the ultimate weapon, her body in an attempt to ....

The Bride With White Hair 

The Bride With White Hair tells the story, in flashback, of swordsmaster Yi-hang (Leslie Cheung). Raised from an early age to assume leadership of the Chung Yuan ......

The Bride With White Hair II 

The Bride With White Hair II picks up where the first one began, with the solitary hero ChoYi-hang (Leslie Cheung) atop ......


Butterfly & Sword 

An honorable, brave farmer volunteers to help defend the Ming Dynasty against a gang of dissembling eunuchs with a coup d'etat on their minds. Featuring Hong Kong ......

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 

For his first Chinese-language assignment since 1994's "Eat Drink Man Woman," Ang Lee tries a little martial arts on for size with jaw-droppingly exhilarating results ......

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