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Spring in Summer

Water Lotus

The Number One Killer Wang yaqiao


Love Train

Emotional Colliding Line

The Ugly Woman

The Military Campaign in the Eastern Henan Provinc

Seven Battles Seven Victories

Heroes at Meng Liang Gu

Talented Man with Beautiful Woman

Dangerous Trip

Wedding march

Grief Over Qinghe River

General Zhu De

Marshal Luo Rong Huan

Qianlong Kingdom


The House of Apple

Sonic Youth

Breaking out of the Encirclement in Central China

Unusual Citizen

The Great Palisade

The Windstorm in the Gold Triangle

The White Collars' Flat


Cao Cao

The Generals of Yang's Family

Princess Huan Zhu

Love Through Different Times

A Passionate Life

Empress Ma with Great Feet

The Long March

Outlaws of the Marsh

The Military Campaign in the Eastern Henan Provinc

Seven Battles Seven Victories

All the Trouble is Caused by the Angel

Outlaws of the Marsh

Price: US $ 150.95

Disc medium: VCD
No. of discs: 30
Language: Chinese
Captions: Chinese
Length: X Minute
Publishing no: ISRC CN-G08-02-0072-0/V.J9
publishing house: Guizhou East Audio-video Publishing House

Content brief introduction:
Having overthrown the Yuan dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang wants to set up his own kingdom at Ying Tian City(today's Nanjing) but he is confronted with one difficulty after another: Lai Qiuju, one of Zhang Shicheng's niece, tries every means to assassinate him; Wu Yujiao, a daughter of a minister of the former Yuan dynasty, is taking revenge on him for the overthrow of the old dynasty; Hu Weiyong has been watching for a chance to usurp his power. At these crucial moments, Ma Xiuying, Zhu Yuanzhang's wife and faithful supporter, stands out. With great wits she decisively and dkillfully helps her husband eradicate his rivals and dangers and establish the Ming dynasty.
And at the beginning of the new dynasty, many generals and officials become anogant for their military achievements and some e even abuse their power to bully the common peasants or pervert justice for bribes. Ma, as an empress, makes her efforts to root out these evils. She also advocates that officials be appointed according to their abilities and merits, not by favoritism. Her contribution to the establishment and consolidation of the Ming Dynasty is highly praised in official records as well as in folk legends.


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